My Astronaut Friend (kind of)

My Astronaut Friend (kind of)

Aside from a useful tool to keep consumers up to date with their favourite products, my original theory was that Twitter was devised for people who really don’t have much interest in their own life. Grazing over snippets on how the rich and famous enjoy their breakfast was, to me, too much information. Perfect for stalkers and serial killers but not really my thing.

But over the past 6 months I have quietly become more and more ‘Twitterfied’. It started as a few tweets to keep up with the football team news every Saturday, and then for laughing at the  barrage of abuse certain ITV Saturday evening entertainment shows were getting (I’ve got 3 kids so I don’t get out much) .

But finally I’ve found what my Twitter life was missing; I am Tweeting an Astronaut.

First thing in the morning I am Tweeted how the rest of the world is waking from ten miles up in the sky. Throughout the day I’m updated on strange patterns in the African Plains, the view of the Nile and Sinai to Israel and beyond, or the Aurora Borealis over the Forth of Firth and sometimes put to bed with the soothing knowledge that the world is beautiful and all is well.

Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian Astronaut who is commanding the latest stint on the International Space Station. He has been circling the earth at 8km a second since December and passes the time taking photographs out of his porthole.

As well as the breathtaking geographical pictures you’ll learn all about the ins and outs of life as an astronaut – from what happens if you snap your pyjama bottom elastic in space, installing the legs on your robonaut – robotic astronaut or microwaving vegetables and forgetting to put the lid on in zero gravity.

If you tweet him he’ll let you know if he’ll be passing over your house – how cool is that to have an astronaut in your phone?