Budding Art Directors

Budding Art Directors

Most of the designers that work with LAW Creative are a little old for Doodle Nest. But, if you have kids and a whole stack of artwork from school or rainy days at home, check out Doodle Nest. It sounds brilliant. They’ll take your kids artwork and turn it into a beautiful coffee table book.

Doodle Nest Book

Send them £30, receive a Doodle Nest postal box, ship out your pride and joy’s drawings, paintings and even sculptures (let’s hope it doesn’t get lost). And you’re off. They’ll photograph the artwork and put it into a beautiful and special book for you to “dip into for a bit of nostalgia whenever you fancy”. info@doodlenest.co.uk

Doodle Nest Boy

We haven’t tried it, we just really like the idea, so it’s up to you to check it all out for yourself. There are plenty of FAQ’s and cost illustrations on their website.

For more grown-up design projects please email keith.sammels@lawcreative.co.uk