Who cares about creative when you’ve got technology?

Who cares about creative when you’ve got technology?

LAW AMP is a best in class email system powered by Copernica software. LAW AMP broadcasts around 3 million emails per month for a variety of customers. Offering game-changing marketing software with CRM, PDF and SMS capabilities and built specifically to manage customer data and broadcast targeted campaigns.

But the thing is, technology however advanced can’t work in isolation. The elusive silver bullet for email marketing success is the integration of strategy, technology, creativity and data.

Those of us that know how to effectively put them together in a meaningful and relevant way can gain results far beyond average open and click through rates.

One client last week said that the combination approach had achieved click through rates that were double the normal expectation. If your campaigns are badly executed from a creative perspective, if they break all the ‘rules’ of successful email marketing, if they are irrelevant and if they are poorly targeted, talk to LAW Creative and we’ll bring positive change to your very next campaign.

For information on LAW AMP please email keith.sammels@lawcreative.co.uk or brett.sammels@lawcreative.co.uk

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