Designer Maker User

Designer Maker User

In the heart of Kensington – London sits the new Design Museum, with its imposing scale, breath-taking architecture – tall peaks and twisting wooden-clad ceilings. For the first time in its history it now has a free permanent display of its collection ‘Designer Maker User’.


The Design Museum’s new permanent display ‘Designer Maker User’ shows design experiences firstly through the eyes of the ‘Designer’ illustrating how innovation, research and creativity are all utilised to create the best possible product design. The manufacturer, ‘Maker” encompasses how much time, talent and effort goes in to producing products that are cost effective and sought-after. And the ‘User’ is of course where both designer and maker combine to achieve products that interact and appeal to the consumer. These three clear-cut roles come together to create the brilliant products that we use around the world every day. Walking through the exhibit you get a real insight into the three Designer Maker User processes. From Kinneir and Calverts’ redesign of the UK road signage programme to the huge fashion brands that outsource their manufacturing to the factories in China.

Beazley Designs of the Year is yet another fantastic exhibition currently on at the Design Museum. Showcasing the best designs of 2016. For the designs to be shortlisted they needed to promote or deliver change, enable access, extend design practice or capture the spirit of the year. Such as Channel 4’s new branding, IKEA Foundation’s Better Shelters flat-pack refugee shelters, Tate Modern New Switch Tower redesign, or Apple’s ‘Shot on IPhone campaign’ where people submitted their best photos from around the world taken on the IPhone 6 (some truly stunning photos). The exhibit gives some great inspiration and a fantastic insight to 2016’s best design work.


The New Design Museum is a fantastic addition to the city and is doing a great job in educating and promoting decades of design.  Whether you’re a Designer, Maker or User – or indeed a consumer – you will greatly benefit from spending a few hours walking around the exhibitions at The Design Museum.

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