Game Of Drones

LAW Creative Showreel 2014

If anyone is watching the Brazil World Cup as avidly as I am, you will have noticed a new gizmo to enhance our watching pleasure. It used to be that the only view spectators of sporting events had was from the sidelines, but new ways of capturing sports action have been explored. This is where the Drone has come into play.

Originally invented for military use, Drones give us a brand new viewing angle compared to the fixed cameras we have traditionally been used to. We can now soar like a bird across the sky, follow that 40 yard pass, and keep an eye on your competitors. With the bird’s eye view of all of the players on the field, coaches can analyse each player’s movement and the team’s on pitch shape as a whole. Although it’s not all positive; most recently, France’s World Cup preparations were thrown into disarray as they spotted a drone spying on their training preparation.

As part of its build-up to the World Cup, the BBC used a Drone to produce a short video showcasing the land of samba from an aerial view. The footage includes some of the World Cup stadiums, Brazil’s famous beaches, shots of the Amazon and a surreal encounter with the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Drones are starting to deliver a unique, never-been-taken-before aerial angle. While some have the budget for helicopters and wire-guided cameras, nothing gets you as close to the action as a Drone. Whether the motive is to enhance a brand, create a more engaging story or boast an immersive visual experience, aerial photography and videography gives a more personal connection between the subject and the viewers, and all for a tiny percentage of the usual cost.

And they’re not only for sports use. At LAW Creative we have fully embraced the Drone technology and incorporated into our Film making skill set. Whether showing off your new hotel, your proximity important venues or just to add a ‘WOW’ to your films, drones offer a unique view point to give your films an extra edge.

Drones can start shooting footage or pictures within 15 minutes. Compared to loading a camera crew into a helicopter, that’s a huge time win. The drones are ‘fast and flexible’ and have no minimum altitude either, which means that they can stay a lot closer to the action, and if they go astray, they have a built-in homing device.

Together with traditional cameras, GoPros and now Drone technology, you can be sure that making a film with LAW will be an exciting and rewarding experience.

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