Love cupcakes


Cupcakes Make The World A More Beautiful Place. Everyone loves them, even President Obama. Sharing cupcakes is a great way to make new friends and knowing that you are about to eat a delicious cupcake brings on a feeling of happiness.

Designing and baking cupcakes can be a fun, social and creative activity. On the healthy side eating cupcakes could encourage you to drink more water, walk around the block and make full use of your gym membership!

The delicious cupcake illustrated has been designed by our creative department to celebrate the five years of success that LAW Creative clients have enjoyed using our powerful automated marketing platform. LAW AMP offers clients a potent combination of strategy, creative, data and technology and we mail up to 6 million targeted and relevant emails every month.

Cupcakes are fun and offer a great way to share your brand message. Get social, share a cupcake. For details of how your email campaigns can be more targeted and more successful please contact or
you may even get to enjoy a LAW Creative cupcake.

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