Prediction 13

Keith Sammels

What do I think will happen in 2013?

Well here goes with the LAW Creative predictions!

The UK economy will strengthen during 2013 partly due to the fact that we are in control of our own financial destiny.

The USA ‘fiscal cliff’ will be climbed and as usual ‘the good old USA’ will recover, dragging us all along with it.

The emerging economies will ‘re-emerge’ once again!

The high street will continue to decline until shops and stores work out how they can compete with more relevant on-line offers.

Marketing will provide salvation for business.

And in a cash strapped world clients will appreciate that service, strategy and creativity in advertising agencies is not always a function of size.

To be in the game in 2013, you’ll need to keep your mobile phone armed and dangerous!

Oh and one prediction that didn’t happen (it wasn’t one of mine), was the Mayan Apocalypse.

If it had, whom would you have spent the end of the world with?!!

Happy New Year.