Often when asked whether advertising agency awards matter agencies will respond by saying that winning awards inspires their young talent, creates brand awareness, enhances their reputation, makes it easier for them to hire good new people and recognises the hard work of their account and creative teams…. oh, and winning awards sometimes attracts new clients, too.

Well, all of this is undoubtedly true but let’s not forget our existing clients. They enjoy winning awards, too. They work incredibly hard and put their trust in the strategies and, ultimately, the work that we are recommending. For them the most important aspect of a campaign will always be running memorable work that enhances their social standing, builds their brand and reputation, and delivers on their financial goals. And, of course, it is nice to attend an awards lunch and enjoy the fact that your campaign has been recognised as one of the best in the industry.

The season of self-congratulations and hot dinners is in full flood and seems to be getting more crowded by the second. Hundreds of awards ceremonies adorn the new social calendar and continue what has always been an important industry for the awards ‘owners’.

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Back in the day it was reported that US advertising agency Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt was spending $150,000.00 per year on award entries. At the same time The Clios (awards) were attracting over 20,000 entries with participants paying over $65 per entry.

Maybe awards are sometimes helpful in offering potential clients a road map through the myriad of agencies on offer to find the agency that is most experienced in their sector and which has enjoyed marketing success specifically in their industry.

According to advertising sector bible Campaign, The Advertising Association believes that UK advertising exports are set to grow by 54% over the next five years and, undoubtedly, the UK has a well-deserved reputation for advertising excellence.

So, maybe as more and more international clients search for a partner agency the term ‘award-winning’ may take on an even greater importance. Currently on Google it is little used as a search term in any combination of words.

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But whatever the benefits of being an award-winning agency you have to be in it to win it. Winning is phenomenally difficult and, to be fair, awards judges are increasingly insisting on campaign statistics such as ROI numbers as an important part of the submission. LAW Creative has recently won or been shortlisted for fifteen important sector awards, including winning the coveted ‘Best Website’ at the European Excellence Awards for our client TRW Automotive Aftermarket.

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