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Lords of the Cage
May 8, 2014Blog, News, Video

Lords of the cage

Executive Creative Director

It’s a battleground out there. A daily fight to keep business not just going but succeeding as others fail. Maximising profit whilst satisfying customers who are better informed and more demanding than ever. And nowhere are strategy and tactics bought into sharper focus than in The Cage. Read More

Mother Russia’s Quilt
February 20, 2014Blog, News

Mother Russia’s Quilt

Creative Director

In case it has escaped your notice, we are now in the final week of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. And, as with all Olympics, LAW Creative has taken a particular interest on how it has been styled as well as performed. Read More

Topshop Goes Virtual
February 19, 2014Blog, News

Topshop Goes Virtual

Account Executive

For the past few years luxury fashion brand Burberry have been at the forefront of utilising technology to create accessibility for consumers to see their London fashion week shows. Read More