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February 10, 2017Blog, Video


Executive Creative Director

Pablo Alonso, CEO of Intelligence firm HotStats, has said: “The growth in food and beverage revenue over the past 15 years has been well behind the growth in rooms revenue. It appears the food and beverage department has been somewhat neglected in recent years, so refocusing resources on this key department presents a strong opportunity to increase its contribution to overall revenue and profitability.”

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Kryssy Martin
September 26, 2014Video

Perfect Pose

Executive Creative Director

LAW Creative has successfully completed numerous films and shoots during this year. Most of these shoots have involved the engagement of models. It is said that for a model, 80% of success is simply showing up. But there is much more to it than that. Read More

Meet Me There
September 24, 2014Video

Meet Me There!

Executive Creative Director

LAW Creative has just completed a showcase film for Holiday Inn Meetings. Featuring a multi-million pound meetings investment with pioneering redesign and innovative breakout areas. Read More

LAW Creative Showreel 2014
June 24, 2014Blog, Video

Game Of Drones

Creative Director

If anyone is watching the Brazil World Cup as avidly as I am, you will have noticed a new gizmo to enhance our watching pleasure. It used to be that the only view spectators of sporting events had was from the sidelines, but new ways of capturing sports action have been explored. This is where the Drone has come into play. Read More

Lords of the Cage
May 8, 2014Blog, News, Video

Lords of the cage

Executive Creative Director

It’s a battleground out there. A daily fight to keep business not just going but succeeding as others fail. Maximising profit whilst satisfying customers who are better informed and more demanding than ever. And nowhere are strategy and tactics bought into sharper focus than in The Cage. Read More

Simply Magical
February 26, 2014Blog, Design, Video

Simply Magical

Client Services Director

I’m not a fan of Harry Potter myself. That’s not to say I don’t like the books, character or films. Perhaps the craze just passed me by. But seeing the premise through my children’s eyes has been quite an experience. Read More

Head to Head With Jay Rayner
January 30, 2014Blog, Video

Head to Head With Jay Rayner

Executive Creative Director

Here it is! In the first in a series of LAW Creative ‘Head to Head’ films, Brett Sammels hosts a Jay Rayner Masterclass. Fifteen minutes of advice on menu design and content, kitchen sinking, blue chipping, increasing guest diner ratios, menu science and much more. Jay Rayner is one of the most influential food writers around. Read More